Absolutely. We're not shy about our costs or expertise. However, like most critical investments, the cheapest option is seldom a bargain when looking back on your event. Ask yourself what you remember about the last wedding or holiday party that you attended. For most people, it's the entertainment — for good reasons or bad. Understanding that your guests' lasting impression of your event is how much fun they had, is this really the part of your event budget that you want to trust to the cheapest quote? The best advice we can offer is: make some appointments, interview a few companies, ask other vendors, and then meet with us. We GUARANTEE you will see what makes us different. Mediocre companies shy away from references, we embrace them.
At NorthEast, we ensure that every event has a completely unique program of music, specifically tailored to our clients and their guests. We do not believe in the pre-recorded “Cheesy Wedding Soundtracks” that so many other DJs seem to prefer (you know, the one that includes the same 50 songs you’ve heard at every other wedding). Our playlist is comprised of a creative blend from three main sources: the client, the guests and our unique ability to read the crowd. We are experts in strategically placing songs throughout the event to create an unforgettable listening experience that will leave you and your guests raving.
We go beyond this in helping manage your event. In fact, when you have our experts on your side, we become your prime advocate to ensure that every detail is executed exactly as you envision it and that your total investment in the event is protected. Our incredible staff of full-time event planners will help you understand exactly what your options are regarding timelines, formal events and music or multimedia integration into any element of your event. Our clients take part in a planning workshop to help tackle all of the hard decisions and craft all of the custom materials and media. Our unique personalized planning website will organize your vision and communicate changes to us which we will use to update your other vendors and banquet staff. After all the long hours of planning and decision making, we will then ensure that every single detail is executed exactly as you planned it… every song, every announcement, every time line component… everything. Your job is to enjoy the night, we will handle the details.
Yes, our production team will setup all of the sound and lighting equipment before your first guest arrives. No roadies in jeans and t-shirts lugging in gear. No tacky interruptions or sound-checks during dinner. A complete sound and lighting assessment is performed well before your event is scheduled to begin, and our crew is professionally attired complete with company identification credentials. That's the NorthEast difference.
We understand that it is a nearly impossible task to know, in advance, exactly when the perfect ending for your event will be. Unless limited by your event venue, we are prepared to work as long as you need us to. We provide you with a conservatively low estimate on the total time we're needed. Details often develop during your planning process, often right up to the month of the event, so booking too much in advance doesn’t usually make sense… and you never know how you are going to feel that night. We will set a rate for the cost per hour (or fraction thereof) for service above the contracted time when you sign our agreement. There is no sudden inflated rate increase when you decide to add time to the performance the night of the event. We want you to have us as long as you’d like, and only have to pay for the time you used.
We recommend that you begin to interview entertainment vendors as soon as you secure a venue and a date. Popular event weekends start to fill up 18 months or so in advance. Bottom line, the sooner you hire us, the sooner we can start making the planning process easier for you!
Our services are reserved with a signed agreement as well as a non-refundable retainer, which will be applied to your account. Due to the unique nature of the event business, all accounts are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Balances are due 14 days prior to your event.
Absolutely! This is a great question because no one says we have to be. Insurance is definitely something to discuss with every DJ you interview. You don’t want to find yourself facing a situation where you hired an uninsured vendor and a problem arises. We carry a two-million-dollar policy, protecting you and us from damage and liability issues that may occur at your event. We are glad to name you (the client) and the venue, as additionally insured on printed documents upon request.
First, we want to be absolutely clear that NorthEast staff follow a strict “No Alcohol" policy (or smoking or any other controlled substance, for that matter). We ask that non-alcoholic refreshments be made available to our staff throughout the event. With most of your event vendors, we do ask to be included in your meal count for those events where a meal is being served. It can be a long night, and our staff cannot leave the venue to eat. Also, you will want to stress with the caterer to have the vendors served early. This guarantees they will be ready to go when your guests are finished with their meal. If not, guests are left ready to party when the vendors are "shoveling" down their food. Most venues will find a discreet place for our staff to eat without a mapped or assigned seating position. There will be no gaps in the entertainment at any point.
There really isn’t a limit to where we can provide services. We are very proud of our specialization and intimate experience with the venues in the Rochester and Finger-Lakes areas… most of which we will travel to without additional expense. We will let you know up front if travel to your venue will require a nominal travel fee.
With the variety of services we offer, there’s no black and white answer to this. Furthermore, it is not fair to give you an estimate based on a five-minute phone conversation. We are not trying to dodge the question, but as a full-service event company, there are a number of options for you to choose from: customized DJ services, multimedia presentations, videography, lighting design, photo booths and other exciting options. We take many factors into consideration when creating your perfect entertainment masterpiece. We've found that typical “cookie-cutter” or “Bronze through Gold” pre-made options assume that your event should fit neatly in to that package. That's where problems arise. We want to hear your ideas, share some of ours, and craft an entertainment package that fits your needs, vision and budget. While we do not disclose our fees blindly before hearing the details of your event, our consulting, planning and creativity costs associated with a full dj event start around $1999. Prices differ for other options. For a more accurate idea, call us today and schedule an audition with our planning team.
Contact us today (315.759.9896) to schedule an audition, either in person at our offices or by conference call if you are not local to the area. We will take it from there! Also, like us on Facebook for great offers and planning ideas.